Sunday, September 27, 2009

Top 6 Most Affordable Online Colleges

Given the choice of education, schools and colleges offering wide variety of courses, the decision to choose the course of study and the college of education is in the hands of the student. What you choose and how you make choice is a different question altogether. Various considerations like renowned educational institutions, faculty student ratio, performance of the department of choice and finally the most important of all, and the cost of education should be looked into before deciding upon a school of study.

Given below is the list of top 6 most affordable colleges in the US. Education for those who find ways to spend money, wasting thousands of dollars every year, just for the sake of prestige is different from deserving students who get their diplomas after a great struggle. This article is specifically meant for those deserving students who intend to come up in life. The fee structure mentioned below are on the condition that the students are residents of the state to which the schoolor college belongs to.

1. University of Texas at Arlington - This University offers education at a cost of less than $10,000 per year. This is the Arlington branch of the University of Texas.

2. Texas A&M University - Costing same as Arlington branch of the University is one of the best schools in Southwest. It is indeed a great school for students to be in.

3. University of Texas at Dallas - Following any other branch of University of Texas, the Dallas University offers education at a cost similar to the chain of colleges falling under University of Texas.

4. State University of New York at Buffalo - Also called as the SUNY at Buffalo offers education at a cost of $9,500 for two semesters. This college also offers the best of schemes and financial aid programs for students pursuing their doctorate.

5. University of North Caroline at Charlotte - With the fee structure hovering around $ 10,000 offers excellent education providing the best possible environment for students to learn and grow.

6. University of Utah- With high quality learning, students from across the nation are attractive for the most affordable education ever.

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