Saturday, April 07, 2012

Myths About Online Colleges

Online colleges and degree programs are becoming more and more popular throughout the nation. People are finding that earning their degree online gives them the option to continue working while still advancing their career. However, when people think about online education, there are some stereotypes and myths that come to mind that may change their perception of this way of learning. Well, it is time to bring light to the truths behind these myths.

Many people think that people who opt to get their education this way rather than attend a traditional school is because they are lazy. This is way beyond the truth. Attending classes over the internet can be either just as challenging as or even more so than those of a traditional class. Students who enroll in these classes can expect just as much of a work load and time commitment as that of an in-person class.

Another myth is that only minor degrees or bachelor's degrees are available online. There are so many different types of degrees and certifications you can get while enrolled online. Many of these colleges offer associates, bachelors, and masters; some even have PHD programs too. Not only are there different degree levels that you can earn, but also in different subject matters. Some people choose to get theirs in business while other choose to get a teaching certification or even go into get a type of medical certification, degree, or license.

Any credits or degree you earn will not transfer to traditional colleges or won't be recognized in the working world. The only time this isn't true is if you are enrolled in an online program that is not accredited. Colleges that are accredited, whether it is a traditional or non-traditional school, will have classes and degrees that are recognized by other school and professions. If you aren't sure whether or not a school is accredited, you can check with the school, or even find out from the accreditation board for your location or subject.

Getting your degree online is faster than at a traditional campus. This is something that depends on you. If you are a full time student, the average time it takes to receive your bachelors is about 4 years. However, for those who cannot attend full time, then it can take even longer. Of course, how long it takes you to complete your education does not depend on the type of campus you are enrolled in. What is great about attending an online school is you can take your time with your classes. Some classes may only be available for a certain period of time or period, while you can take your time with other classes. However, at a traditional campus, the classes may only be available for the length of a semester. The length and time period of the classes that are offered just depend on the institution, but the time it takes you to complete your education depends on you.

If you have ever thought about enrolling in an online institution, it is never too late. With the options that are available over the internet, it is possible for more and more people to go back to school. Just remember when you are choosing which school or degree program you want to enroll in, be sure and check if it is accredited or not. Find out for yourself what online classes are really like instead of thinking about all of the myths out there about online education.

Katherine Dane
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