Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who is Not Suitable For Online MBA Program?

Many people are eager to pursue online MBA programs. In their personal point of view, obtaining MBA qualification seems to be a golden ticket for them to get job promotion and salary increment. However, not everyone is suitable for online MBA. Let's see which groups of people are not really suitable to pursue online MBA.

• First of all, all types of MBA programs are not suitable for recent graduates who have just completed their degree programs as they are totally new in the corporate world
• For those who fail in GMAT or those who have low score in GMAT are normally not accepted by the business schools to pursue online program
• For most of the working adults who have very little knowledge about business and management, it is indeed hard for them to complete the program as they are not able to visualize and practice what they have learnt
• This online program is not the right choice for those who have less than three years working experience
• For those applicants whose age is below 27 years old, they are not encouraged to enroll themselves to this program as they may not be able to have mature business view
• To study online, ones must know how to access to internet. For those people who do not have computer skills, pursuing MBA degree through internet is indeed a hard task for them

In fact, online MBA is not the only way for career advancement. There are many ways for the working adults to upgrade their skills. They can sharpen their skills through training as well as on the job learning.

Completing an online MBA course is indeed difficult to most of working adults especially for those who have very little knowledge about business. Get yourself prepared for more online MBA course tips and mba job opportunities list for free via

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Denise Robinson said...

Thanks for posting this info. This will be helpful for the students who are planning to take up MBA program. They would have a clue on how MBA works.

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