Thursday, May 05, 2011

Becoming A Paraprofessional By Earning A Two-Year Degree

Don't you just love when a new term gets thrown at you and you have no idea what it means just to find out that you know it by another name? Well here it is, "paraprofessional." Of course, maybe you are already familiar with this word; for the rest of us, it basically means having an Associate's degree.

Just for your information, the beginning of the word, "para" or being a "paras" means assisting in a specific occupational field for the person who you work for. You might think that it would just be easier to refer to one as an assistant. The areas in the workforce that use these paraprofessionals are in health care, law, education and engineering. To become one, you must have a two-year degree. It could be that you are already doing this but do not have the necessary credentials needed to use this title. Well, with the help of an online degree plan, you can become a paraprofessional!

The occupation that uses paraprofessionals the most is working in the classroom as a teaching assistant. These workers are in high demand, have a good income and their job security is one of the highest reported. However, most states now are requiring an Associate's degree along with a state exam in order to be considered for employment. All of this can be obtained online through an accredited school without having to leave home!

If you do not want to assist in a classroom, there are other areas in education that might appeal to you, such as in the school's administrative office, performing clerical duties or working in playground and/or cafeteria supervision. Often, paraprofessionals choose to work in special education with children who have a variety of difficulties to contend with, although this area does require special training.

Another possibility is entering the world of accounting to be able to prepare tax returns or work as a tax consultant to help with the many tax laws and regulations. If you are strong in math and communication, plus are very detail-oriented, this would be a great career choice. Some of the job titles under this two-year degree are that of a tax compliance officer, tax consultant and tax examining technician. Of course, once again, you can earn your Associate's degree in this field completely through an online degree program, but make sure that it is from an institution that has its accreditation because most states require passing an exam after you graduate.

What are also being offered for individuals who are interested in becoming paraprofessionals by earning their Associate's degrees are grants and scholarships that target specific choices of study. At the top of the list of having various ways to finance this degree is once again the education profession.

So, where do you start if this is your career goal? First, find out what the specifics are that your state requires for you to enter into the workforce. Then, look into the many schools offering degree plans, but remember to do a thorough background check.

Take the time to do some research on the school that you will be earning your Associate's degree from. You may find that online courses are the most efficient way. Once you have all the necessary information, all you need to do is enroll and start down the path to a brighter future!


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