Thursday, August 26, 2010

Distance Learning Tips - 3 Study Habits to Help You Succeed in Online Learning

There is a common myth that online courses are easier than traditional, classroom courses. This is not the case, however. There are many distractions that you may encounter with distance learning. Listed below are 3 study habits to help you succeed in online learning.

1. Keep yourself organized. Often many students will develop an "I can do it tomorrow" attitude. Create a calendar with a schedule or timetable that works with your family and work commitments. Schedule time when you are at your desk studying. If you are not organized, it will be extremely easy to fall behind in your course.

2. Do not try to multitask when doing your homework. Many busy students will try to get some study time in while cooking dinner or helping the kids with their school work. When you are studying, you should be in a quiet location. If you are working on your computer, only have your school site up. Stay away from the social networking sites!

3. Get a study partner. This is one thing most online students fail to do. You will likely have 10 to 15 other students in your class. Reach out to the other students if you have questions. Developing this type of network will give you plenty of opportunities to get the help you need.

Distance learning is great for busy adults. Just remember that online learning will require you to be more focused and driven. It is important to learn how to manage your distractions. By doing this, you can have a rewarding online educational experience.

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