Sunday, August 31, 2008

Before Purchasing PMP Exam Training Software - Application Tips

Before you can take the exam, it goes without saying that you have to apply to take the exam first. You can do this via the Project Management Institute's website, which requires electronic encoding of your application information. There is absolutely no need for pens and papers.

But before you purchase PMP Exam Training Software in full anticipation of being accepted to take the examination itself, be very mindful of these things.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Although the PMI does not release data on its applications audit, it is estimated that 25% of all applications are audited. As such, you should always assume that your application will be audited, if not extensively scrutinized.

Even the number of contact hours on your PMP Exam Training Software will be validated. You should look for a PMI Registered Education Provider for your software needs lest you find yourself hoodwinked. And make sure it offers at least 35 hours of training as well as a certification of completion.

Also, you need to have at least 35 hours of formal project management training. Your PMP Exam Training Software is one source of these contact hours. However, there lies the catch. PMI will only accept your application when you have finished training with your PMP Exam Training Software, not before then. You must decide early on if you are willing to take the risk of purchasing the PMP Exam Training Software and then having your application rejected for other reasons.

Get in Touch

The PMI does not accept applications that it cannot substantiate. You have to get in touch with your former employers and teammates regarding the projects you have worked on. You are required to provide contact information to PMI for all your projects listed, which means that you have to find your contacts even before you actually file your application.

Also, remember that PMI will accept work experience related to the five process groups even on a project contributor capacity. Thus, co-workers and supervisors stand on equal footing when it comes to listing them as your contacts.

The importance of getting in touch with former supervisors and co-workers cannot be overstressed in times of random audit. The PMI will contact them in the event your application is audited.

Be Ready with Papers

Your application might be electronic but your credentials are not. If you have files for performance appraisals and status reports in the past eight years, you should take them out and review them. You can glean important information from these old files, number of hours worked in the five process areas chief among them, which you can use in your list of projects.

Also, if your PMP Exam Training Software certificate of completion is somehow missing, you have to secure another copy. Again, the PMI will not accept unsubstantiated information.

Your diligence in gathering your documentary proof will pay off when an audit is conducted on your application. Remember that submitting incomplete documents can lead to automatic rejection of your application. Although you can renegotiate depending on what happened, that will take some time.

Indeed, if you apply yourself to complying with the application requirements, there is no rational reason why you should not be accepted to take the examination.

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