Saturday, June 21, 2008

Online Degree - A Great Way to Earn Better Pay

As online degrees are being offered in more and more universities, there is a vast array of subjects to choose from for your continuing education needs. What better way to get a high-paying job than to have an online degree on your resume? That should put you at a cut above the rest in terms of skills and qualifications.

Online distance learning is becoming a trend for increasing income potential or to gain entry into a new career. Whether you want to finish high school, earn an Associate's, Bachelor's or a PhD Degree, you can rely on online accredited programs to get you through your degree of choice.

Especially as job cuts are more prevalent and companies are looking for more skilled employees, the online degree offers women a chance to get ahead in their career. And this is true for single moms or working mothers who are pressed for time and resources.

The advent of online degrees has been a great benefit for women since anyone can work toward a career diploma in a relatively short period in comparison with a traditional degree program. The availability of a numerous career and technical schools that offer excellent accredited online courses in a wide variety of career areas like child care, astrology readings, and fashion merchandising make earning a degree realistic and possible.

One of the great aspects about online education is that one can study without sacrificing family obligations or work-related activities. For many single moms, an online college degree is the best investment they can make for themselves and their children. According to research, employees with online degrees earn quite a bit more than non-degree holders.

Studies also show that 85 percent of all employers polled said they would be okay with hiring applicants with online degrees. That appears to be a high degree of acceptance as more employers are offering incentives and encouraging their employees to continue their education online. This includes paying for online coursework and taking time off to work on the degree.

A lot can be said about the tremendous influence that the Internet has made on our daily lifestyle, but its effect on learning and education has been truly revolutionary. One category of e-learners who benefit the most from online distance education is the hard working single parent. This group is often limited in gaining jobs of their choice simply because they do not have the opportunity to attend college on campus. And here's where the online degree program has tremendous income earning potential for the single parent, who is pressed for time.

The traditional campus degree has kept many parents from choosing a better life for their families and for themselves. But as major universities are now joining the online learning arena, this gives everyone an even platform to improve their lifestyle. In essence, one does not have to choose between children and advancing his/her career.

Ultimately, many experts believe that it is not the way in which one earns an education that matters as much as how he or she applies it to a particular job. And that's where the capacity to do a better job or to earn a higher pay comes in.

Carrie Sommer is a frequent contributor to, and Online Degree News and Views, where you may find much more information about accredited online degree programs.

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