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Accredited Online Degrees

Most individuals want to pursue their education but barely have time to take care of daily tasks. Fortunately, the United States Department of Education provisions an accreditation service to higher education organizations and facilities in order to provide willing individuals a way to seek diplomas through online educational programs.

Too Good to Be True?

One might think of accredited online degrees almost too good to be true. For instance, the possibility of acquiring an education through the Internet allows individuals to access classroom based instruction at their leisure. If there existed a convenient way for anyone to pursue an accredited online degree, wouldn't everyone take advantage of this offer to pursue an authentic means to earn a proper education? Unfortunately, there exist some online educational organizations and programs with no accreditation certificates. These organizations, so called degree mills, issue individuals degrees for completion of life experiences, not academic achievement. Thus, individuals looking to pursue online education become discouraged by these non-accredited associations.

Accreditation Boards

It becomes imperative for an individual pursuing accredited online degrees to affirm their online academy with one of the 6 regional accreditation boards. North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Southern Associations of Colleges and Schools, Middle States Association of College and Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities comprise the list of nationwide accreditation boards in specific regions.

Quality of Education

If an institution provides proof of accreditation, you can be sure your investments will return a quality educational opportunity. At this point, it becomes the individual's responsibility to make the most of the accredited online degree educational experience. You can achieve the most rewarding experience by taking courses at your own pace. Allowing time to absorb the information being offered through online educational courses will often provide an educationally enriching experience. You must make it a point to become familiar with the information, instead of merely studying to pass the next test.

Studying Tips for Accredited Online Degree Exams

As with any class, you'll need to be consistent with reviewing the material covered, taking notes for lecture type sittings and staying on top of homework assignments. Most professors, whether teaching accredited online degree programs or university classes, recommend students set aside at least 3 hours of study or review time for every 1 hour in course credits. Most students will find it difficult to allocate this amount of time to understanding the topics being covered. However, when it comes time for the exam, if you put at least 2 hours of study time into every 1 hour of credit courses, your chances of doing well on the exam increase by about 30% per additional study hour. Some courses may need more time than others as the material can vary between classes. If you need assistance figuring out which courses you should spend more time on, consider consulting any number of the professors online or the university's counselors. They're job is to make your accredited online degree experience shape your educational and career based future.

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