Thursday, November 29, 2007

Starting A New Degree Or Certification Program Through Online Education

If you are considering pursing a college degree or in need of additional certification, check out the available programs through online education. Pursuing a degree online can ease much tension and apprehension that might be hindering your return. You may have heard some myths about distance education; however, the truth is an online degree is just as effective as a brick and mortar degree. In fact, you can earn the very same degree in a shorter period of time if you pursue it online.

First, you need to identify which online degree program or online certification program you are interested in. Do you have a passion for something in particular? While certain programs are not offered online (i.e. nursing, human services), distance learning can still allow you to take several core classes online that will count toward your overall degree. Core classes are classes that everyone has to take regardless of their program.

Once you have chosen an online program, start to explore various colleges that offer your degree type or degree subject. Colleges and universities that host online campus typically have a program schedule available online for your access. Contact their registrar's office either by email or phone and discuss with them class registration options, tuition possibilities and the application process. You will soon discover that the whole process was no where near as dreadful as you may have thought. In fact, it can all be completed online.

Once enrolled in a particular online program, you should expect to attend an online orientation, which in some cases can last up to 3 week. Online orientation is geared toward introducing you to all the different functions of your online course and to ensure you know how to maneuver yourself around the classroom. Often you have to conduct an exit and entrance interview if you are going to be using government loans to assist in paying for your tuition. Basically, those interviews, which are also conducted online, prove that you are well aware of the financial obligation that you are about to embrace and all that surrounds the agreement, such as, interest, payments, hardships, etc.

Each college will differ with their online education policies. Generally, once you have enrolled in an online course, you will be ready to begin your classes without any delays. Books for your online class, if necessary, can be ordered online and shipped directly to your doorstep.

Most colleges hold two six-week sessions back to back. This way you have the option to take two classes in the first session and then one second session to make up your 12 credit hours, which then classifies you as a full time student. However, this is just an example. With online education, the courses fit to your schedule. Most colleges maintain fall, winter, spring and summer terms, making it possible for you to start your online degree or online certification program anytime throughout the year. The convenience of pursuing your degree online going back to college hard to refuse.

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